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Ester fan Boalsert

Ulke 338 P Sport x Teake 273

Studbook mare, 1p Yearling



Facebook Album with Leuwie


She was a 3rd Premier Studbook Mare in 2008 she missed star by ½ a point

Birthday - 3/12/01

Sires - Ulke 338 P Sport, Teake 273

Stam 103 - S,MP,M,MP,MP,S

Baroque build


Foals and Breeding - A baroque hot mare that throws smart classical foals that are easy to train and are calmer than her but still have the fire to have big movement.

If you want MOTION, BEAUTY, POWER, Baroque, CHAMPION BABIES she’s your girl. She is a wonderful mare that we all love to be around. Her ground manners are amazing. She is our statue, and has what we call radar ears. They are alert all the time and pivot around like she is picking up signals, more so than any horse I’ve ever seen. She loves treats and can make her lips look like elephant lips (see photos at the bottom of the page). She is a fantastic mom. Has had 2 champion foals in a row!! She likes to go 100 miles an hour trotting through the fields. She is what I like to describe as standing in motion. When she is stopped you can feel the energy and how she is ready to go again. She WOWed the Amish neighbor, he still raves about her power. She is closer to baroque in her build, big butt, big chest, upright neck. Very gorgeous head, big cheek small muzzle, swan neck. She is the mare we all think about when we think about a Friesian. Her mane can grow long if her babies don’t get to it and is currently longer than in the above pictures

With  Fin Champion Colt

With Mambo

With Wynnar Champion Foal

Pregnant with Valentina